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Pick 01
Coco-Mango Roll-On Perfume Essence
Pick 02
Island Escape Perfume Assortment
Pick 03
Aire Cologne Mist

pikake silky body oil Pikake Silky Body Oil - 8.25 Fl Oz Bottle

Pure plant oils make this soothing tropical balm ideal for a gorgeous tropical spa experience.

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Aire Body Oil with Silkening Vitamin E Aire Body Oil With Silkening Vitamin E - 8.7 Fl Oz Bottle.

Envelop skin in the luminous aroma of Aire, as you smooth on this vitamin E rich body and bath oil.

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White Ginger Petal Soft Lotion White Ginger Petal Soft Lotion - 8.75 Fl Oz Bottle

Delicately scented with White Ginger, this luxury island lotion melts into skin to soften and soothe.

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shea butter massage & body oil Shea Blossom Body Oil With Shea, Baobab And Argan Oils - 8.7 Fl Oz Bottle

Love the skin you're in with this silky-rich and restoring Shea, argan and marula body oil blend.

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Pikake Shea & Cocoa Softest Skin Body Butter Pikake Shea & Cocoa Body Butter - 5.25 Oz Jar

With a hint of luminescence, this super-emollient, Pikake infused body butter softens skin for a supple, radiant glow.

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tuberose silky body oil Tuberose Silky Body Oil - 8.25 Fl Oz Bottle

Infused with the scent of sensual Tuberose, this silky body oil leaves a sexy subtle sheen on skin.

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Rain Body Oil With Rejuvenating Evening Primrose - 8.7 Fl Oz Bottle.

Reveal sexy skin when you smooth on this silky refreshing oil infused with restorative evening primrose and vitamin E.

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Tuberose Petal Soft Lotion Tuberose Petal Soft Lotion - 8.75 Fl Oz Bottle

Soften dry, thirsty skin with this silky lotion infused with the scent of fresh, sensual tuberose.

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Gardenia Petal Soft Lotion Gardenia Petal Soft Lotion - 8.75 Fl Oz Bottle

This luxurious hand and body lotion is infused with graceful Gardenia fragrance.

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